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Highlights from DinnerPartyYVR 2016

My fourth time participating in DinnerPartyYVR was awesome! All of the dinners together raised over $23K for charity!

Thank you to everyone who helped me with my dinner, and helped to raise funds for the charity that I support: Quest Food Exchange-Giving Page! <—–You can still donate to my fundraising efforts!



IMG_20160409_204946920Andres my Sous Chef for the evening



Thanks to Nick for teaching a new and amazing way to make the most delicious croutons!



The Yemenite Spice mix that I made, and coated my butternut squash with before roasting it, and then pureeing into the soup.


The Pork Tenderloins were rubbed with a marinade of Porcini Mushroom powder, brown sugar, chili flakes and olive oil. I let them sit in the marinade for just over 24 hours before we grilled them.

IMG_20160408_155919115 IMG_20160409_204800538


The Dry Sodas that I served with dinner were a hit!

For dessert I did my vanilla bean panna cotta. Thanks so much to Zwilling CanadaΒ for the really nice Sorrento Double Walled glass tea cups that I used for my dessert! They were the perfect size!


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