Holiday Gifts for Foodies : TO WEAR



  1. FEEDFIVE: This foodie gift doesn't only it make you look good, it also gives back. When you buy a feedfive T-shirt, you are literally feeding five people in need. Check out their website for more info, and to get your T-shirts:
  2. MAIN & LOCAL: Its simple, poutine+socks=AWSOME!!! I have them, I love them! Get some!
  3. MEDIUM RARE CHEF APPAREL: Every chef/foodie/home-cook needs a stylish apron, MRCA makes stylish denim aprons, for everybody! Including me & Chuck Hughes!
  4. FOOD ON YOUR SHIRT: I got my first Lucky Pig shirt a few years ago, but have recently grown out of it ( cough cough, Pierre ;). Food on your shirt was started by Pierre, illustrator and Chef, and Candice, food lover and printer. Swag up people!