Foodie Pen Pals REVEAL DAY!

In October I signed up for Foodie Pen Pals. It is something that was started by Lindsay from the Lean Green Bean Blog. I saw it on twitter.
I sent her my info, and she liked me up with a Foodie Pen Pal! On the 5th of October I got an email from my Foodie Pen Pal Ashleigh! She send me some questions, so that she could figure out what types of things I like to eat!
I sent her back the same list of questions. Just like me she LOVES spicy things!! She also just like me LOVES seaweed! So I what to buy her!
On the 15th of October, we both sent our boxes to each other! Here was me getting mine!!

Here is what Ashleigh sent me!!

1. SOMA: It's a local chocolate shop which is close to her house. She sent me their famous Mayan Hot Chocolate (it's spicy)!! & A Chocolate Candied Orange.

2. Sha Sha Coco Snaps: She grew up with them (SO DID I)!!

3. Chimes Ginger Chews: She saw that I loved ginger from my JUICE TRUCK BLOG POST.

4. Evelyn's Crackers: Ashleigh saw my Cheese & Cracker BLOG POST, and chose these.

5. Some Cheddar Onion Dip (I still have to make this), but I've already tried some of the crackers, soo good!



Thank you so much Ashleigh for my box of goodies! I'm signed up for a new Foodie Pen Pal for November!! Can't wait!

If you want to get a Foodie Pen Pal too: