What's In Season this month in BC

What's in Season in BC in August?

Welcome back to What's in Season in BC!  August has a very big list of fruits, vegetables and herbs. I went to the Vancouver Farmers Market (Trout Lake)  to see what I could find. InSeasonAug_Apples_Onions

There  were some beautiful green and purple beans.


Even some purple potatoes!


And purple plums.


And look, the list goes on:

in season peaches to turnips aug

I met Milan (aka Tomato Man) he's a tomato farmer (Stoney Paradise Certified Organic); and from what I saw, he's got the biggest tomatoes at the market:



This season is also very colourful, with the radish,

a mix of summer squash, beautiful swiss char, and some lovely carrots.



IMG_5439 IMG_5437

I was also visiting Alberta this month so stay tuned for...

What's in season in Alberta in August!

What's in Season In APRIL in BC?


Starting this month I'm going to start a monthly post about, what's in season  in BC.

I'm calling the series: What's in season every month in BC.

This month there is:

In season April

Over the course of the month I will be trying out new recipes and making different dishes with these ingredients.

Feel free to to add your favourites/suggestions to the comments section or on Twitter.  :)

Today I went to the farmers market and got a few things off the list.


So, tonight I'm going to make dinner with some of the ingredients.

Consult Twitter later to see my creations.