What's in Season in October in BC?

October has a really long list of fruits and vegetables that are in season. My favourite place to get some produce is at a Local Farmer's Market! IMG_6550

Some of the same fruits and vegetables that have been in season for the last couple of months are still on the list. And then there are some new things to check out.

InSeason_October IMG_6568

Pumpkins are in season and an important part of October! Pumpkin Pie for thanksgiving, and carving pumpkins for Halloween! Also, you can make some great pumpkin spice muffins or even soup.

IMG_6557 IMG_6567

Broccoli is in season in October. The great thing about Farmer's Markets is that you can find things that you probably haven't seen before. This is Purple Sprouting Broccoli!


Or have you ever seen PURPLE Cauliflower? I am going to share some recipes using Cauliflower in the weeks coming up.



Herbs are great to add to all of your Fall dishes. This was a GIANT punch of parsley.


I also discovered that this is how Brussel Sprouts grow, on a stalk! I had never seen this before. I bought one and made a delicious Brussel Sprout Graitn.



There are a few less fruits in season in the fall. Pears and Apples are available.


This GIANT onion was nearly the size of my head!