Market Bingo

Get Kids Excited About Cooking!

Getting kids excited about food and being involved in the kitchen can help take the mealtime stress off parents; and, teach kids valuable life skills at the same time. 

I know this because I started cooking when I was 10!  Thankfully, my parents supported my requests to buy certain ingredients and try out recipes, even though sometime some of the combinations I put together probably seemed pretty weird! 

That's why it's important to me to get families into the kitchen, and bring them closer to food; specially during the back to school season, a time of year when we all need to get back on track with convenient & tasty dinner options.


Parents need to get their kids into the kitchen, and involved in meal prep. 

Make it fun for kids with games like Market Bingo, and have fun quizzing each other about what's in-season, while focusing on buying locally.  This also may help you discover foods that you've never tried before!

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Include the whole family in the meal planning.   Choose your favourite recipes together, ones that everyone will enjoy, and that the kids can help prepare.

Better yet try my Chicken Katsu with Sesame Rice and Japanese-Spiced Slaw!

This recipe is now available to order from , for delivery the week of September 2nd.


This is a convenient and fun way to get kids cooking by following the step-by-step recipe card and combining the pre-portioned ingredients that are delivered right to your door.

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Younger kids can easily get involved in making this recipe by crushing the potato chips for the breading with a rolling pin or using their hands.  Also they can put together the salad ingredients, and making the dressing!

Parents should also focus on getting their kids in the kitchen not just for some extra hands, but so that kids can fall in love with food and cooking.  Through food, kids will also learn some valuable life skills: like teamwork, organizing and time-management.

Check out this video that I made, that has some tips on how to get kids excited about helping in the kitchen: