Food Events in Vancouver this Weekend!


There are some awesome Food Events happening in Vancouver this weekend (May 30 & 31st)!! SATURDAY, MAY 30th:

One of my favourite events is back!! Hawker's Market is happening this Saturday, and for the first time it's FREE!!

Check out all the details HERE!

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Sunday, May 31st:

Whole Foods is presenting the Brain Foods Speaker Series!

Join us for an afternoon of food for thought at this Tedtalk-style event!

Culinary Creators, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Activists, Authors, and Filmmakers all take the stage at the Royal Bank Room at the UBC Chan Centre to inspire and educate with their stories of food.

The masterful minds behind Vij’s famous menus, Vancouver’s first cold press juice truck, the most authentic French pastry café in the city, the farms popping up next door to you,  the award-winning documentary that has turned into a movement, and how hunger-relief organizations  are feeding and empowering the people it serves.



The Lineup has some of my fav Vancouver Foodie Friends!!

  • Jackie Ellis! Owner of Beacoup Bakery, Travel Writer, and Pastry Chef

•          Aart Schuurman Hess- CEO of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank

•          Dai Manuel- Entrepreneur, Blogger, & Motivational Speaker

•          Emily Jubenvill- Manager of the Edible Garden Project

•          Jen Rustemeyer- Blogger, Award-winning Filmmaker

•          Meeru Dhalwala- Author, Chef, Restaurateur

•          Michael Markwick- Ph. D, Anti-Homelessness advocate, and Tedx Speaker

•          Zach Berman- Co-Founder & Owner of The Juice Truck

Presented by Whole Foods Market, sponsored by Vega with support from Left Coast Naturals.

Join us for an afternoon of sustenance for your mind and soul!

Your $30 ticket benefits the Whole Kids Foundation.

Get your tickets HERE!


So excited to be helping out my friends Screamin Brothers for the 2nd year at the VegExpo!

Come by and visit, and try some delicious #dairy-free frozen treats!!



Get your VegExpo Tickets HERE!


Vancouver Hawker's Market is Happening Feb 28th!



The first Hawker's Market of 2015 is happening on Feb 28th! Support many local food vendors, and have a great evening of delicious eats!

Get your tickets here!

A really great thing is Hawker's Market + Mealshare tickets!

INCLUDED: Edible Bug Experience & Tasting by Chef David George Gordon & This option Includes a Hawkers Market ticket, and you will be providing a meal to someone in need through Mealshare, as well as supporting the growth of this amazing new non-profit. Mealshare makes it extremely easy to provide meals to those in need just by dining out. Food security is an important part of local food culture and Hawkers is excited to support it.


Choux Pastry 101


 Recently I got to spend an afternoon with Jeremy and he taught me how to make Choux Pastry! Choux is a light pastry dough made from eggs, flour butter and water.

You can the dough to make a few different things like éclairs, french crullers or even churros!


Jeremy had already prepped a few different fillings of us to fill our Choux with, we just had to get them all ready into the squeeze bottles.

This one was a fruit filling, we also had pastry cream, chocolate ganache, and we flavoured some whipped cream: blood orange, and cinnamon.


Here we are making the Choux pastry.  We melted the butter, and then added it to the flour, egg and water.


We mixed it up with a hand-mixer until it became a real thick texture.

Time to pipe the dough onto the pan!


Jeremy showed me how to make the nice little round Choux shapes.  It really takes some practice. Mine weren't as consistent as Jeremy's!


We topped the Choux with another layer of dough (Streusel) that would give it texture once it was baked.


Now into the oven!!


Once the were baked, I just had to try one to "make sure" that they were ok!!


Decorating them was the best! Jeremy had set out up a station and we had lot of options.

We did some more traditional looking cream puffs, like the one above.


And then I had a wicked idea!! It kind of started with wanting to make Choux Snowmen. Ending up with some Choux Ladies!!

I even gave them lipstick and necklaces!!


Reading this is probably making you really want to have some Cream Puffs now!!!

Guess What!?


The Food Gays, Jeremy and Adrian are setting up a booth called CRAQ!


There will be 3 flavours of CRAQ! to choose from:

1: Strawberry Cheesecake: Made with a fresh cheesecake filling, topped with fresh locally picked strawberry slices!

2: Espresso Viennese: Made with an East Van Roasters Espresso pastry cream, and topped with a sweetened condensed milk glaze, chocolate shavings and crispy chocolate pearl.

3: Coconut Blood Orange: Coconut Pastry Cream infused with Blood Orange, dusted with freeze dried mandarins and coconut shavings.