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Apollo Food Trucks


A couple of months ago, I had the awesome opportunity to go and visit Apollo Food Trucks. If you live in Vancouver like I do, you probably have seen many of the trucks that they have made on the street or in the summer at Food Cart Fest. Some of my favourites are:




Apollo Food Trucks was started 15 years ago by Norm Kerfoot and his brother Glen. They had originally started with Hot dog carts and when saw the Food Truck market demand grow, they started building them.

They are named Apollo after a great dog that Norm once had.

The trucks usually start out as used moving/delivery trucks that are totally gutted and then custom built to suit the needs of each customer.



This is Rob, he showed me around the workshop and told me all about the trucks!


Here is one of their custom food carts being built.




Every part of the inside of each truck is custom! Everything is carefully measured and added in.



They use Checker Plate Aluminum on the floor, which looks really awesome and shiny, but also is non-slip.

They make sure that the trucks meet with the highest health & safety standards.


The customer decides what they want inside the truck, and then it's up to the team at Apollo to make sure everything fits perfectly.

IMG_8681 This sink was custom built just so that it would fit the

customers needs and the trucks size.IMG_8682 IMG_8683 IMG_8684



While I was visiting the ONE OF A Thai truck was getting ready to be sent off to the Northwest Territories.

Apollo ships carts and trucks all over the world! From places portland, and a few of their trucks have gone to Hawaii, Alaska, and as far away as Australia.

IMG_8688 IMG_8690 IMG_8691


Thank you to Rob for showing me around the factory, and a big thank you to Norm and Glen for providing Vancouver with all its awesome food trucks.