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What's In Season in September in BC?


IMG_1301 September is another month that has a great long list of Fruits & Vegetables that are


I visited my Local Farmer's Market this past Saturday to stock-up!! You should too!


So the great thing about visiting Farmer's Markets, is that you actually get to talk directly to the farmers or people who work on the farms.

You also get to check out some different & interesting varieties of fruits and vegetables that you don't always find in your grocery store!

Like this awesome PURPLE Cauliflower!IMG_1278IN Season Sept_1


Carrots and Onions are in-seson in September!

Add some chopped Celery and you have yourself a Mirepoix.

Great base/starter for soups and stews which are great in the fall.IMG_1265

Love, love fresh apples! So glad they are back in season.IMG_1275


These cute little ones are perfect for taking to school in your lunch bag.

Oh, and some PUPRLE potatoes too.

They actually STAY PURPLE once you cook them!

I made a shepherd's pie with them today.IMG_1279


In Season_ Sept 2

IMG_1285Peppers & Pumpkins are great for soups.IMG_1273

Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to share some recipes that I really like, with some of the things that are In-Season in September.

Dirty Dozen vs Clean 15!


 Do you buy all your fruits & vegetables organic? Or even know witch ones are important to buy organic?

If you're having trouble deciding here's a great list to help you . It's called...


Why should you care?  Pesticides are toxic. And they have also been linked to a variety of diseases including Cancer.

The dirty dozen is a list of the fruits and veggies for which the most pesticides are used in their production, according to the Environmental Working Group.

The above list shows the MOST contaminated starting with APPLES, to the LEAST: ending with POTATOES.


So if you have a smaller budget, the clean 15 is a list of things that you don't necessarily  have to buy organic, as less pesticides are used in their growth & production.


Either way, it's best to properly clean all the fruits & vegetable that you buy!

If you you're looking for an easy way to clean your fruits and veggies from pesticides, here is one idea:

-Fill a bowl or your sink with one part vinegar and 4 parts water, add your produce and let them sit for 1 hour, et voila, their ready to eat!

There are a couple of other natural ways that you can clean your produce of pesticides, I got the above idea from The Daily Mom Blog.

What's in season in MAY in BC?


Welcome to What's in season in BC in MAY.

Here's a delicious list  of seasonal produce for May: In season May

I found some lovely Pink Lady Apples from the Okanagan.




 You can also find some beautiful asparagus,






and my personal favourite:  Fiddleheads!


I will be sharing some ideas on how to cook these soon!


Also Radishes, radish



and Turnips.


I was at the Market at Granville Island this afternoon.

However, another really great place to get your LOCAL & SEASONAL produce is SPUD.CA


I recently visited SPUD Vancouver when they sponsored my DinnerPartyYVR. Their selection of local produce is great and so fresh!

The best thing about SPUD is that you can order online and have it delivered right to your door!!


Check them out here: SPUD.CA

and tell them that the LITTLE LOCAVORE sent you!!