Butchery 101

Butchery 101: Two Rivers Meats

A few weeks ago I was invited to go to Two Rivers Meats.  They were one of the sponsors for Dinner Party YVR,

a charity dinner I took part in recently.  Two Rivers Meats is great because they partner with LOCAL farmers,

and offer meats that are sustainable, raised without growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics.


Jason is the owner of Two Rivers Meats.  He took me on a tour of their facility.


This is Butcher Man Ray. He showed me how to butcher a pig's leg.

Their were also a lot of other very skilled butchers there.

They work very efficiently in getting all of the meat cut and ready to be packaged.


Here Butcher Man Ray is showing me how to take apart a pig's leg.


And now it's my turn.  Exiting!


This is the packing area. I learned how to pack the pork chops that I had just cut.


Wow that bacon looks great!

The guy in red is Fraser, he does all of the marketing for Two Rivers Meats.


This was the original facility for Two Rivers Meats when they opened  in 2008.

Now it's used for charcuterie and meat drying.

Since then, Two Rivers Meats has expanded into a larger space, across the lot.


Steve and Max are my charcuterie teachers.


Learning the ropes with Steve.


This is the drying room where all the charcuterie  is dried.


And this is the dry aging room.

Dry aging is when either the hole cut or individual cuts of beef is stored at

freezing temperatures for weeks to concentrate it's flavour and tenderize the meat.

Like I said COLD!

Two Rivers_Jason_Owner

I'd like to thank Jason, Fraser, Ray and the team at Two Rivers Meats for my tour & butchery lessons!

It was really great to see what happens to meat before we buy it to cook up!  You should definitely check out Two Rivers Meats, so delicious: here!