Back To School Lunches

Back-To-School Lunches!


I was invited to go and visit with Gloria Macarenko on CBC's Our Vancouver last week. For my visit, I demo'd some back-to-school lunch ideas that kids/teens  can make themselves.


My first stop to get some containers for my lunch ideas: Delish General Store on Granville Island.

Go visit with Tamara, she is so nice so many fun things!

IMG_1331 I actually carry stacked metal Tiffins to school for lunch, and Delish has a great selection of tiffins in different sizes.

IMG_1344 IMG_1343


When I was on for my CBC segment, I brought along a divided Tiffin, where I had a TACO/BURRITO bowl lunch.

So simple:

If your parents are making rice for dinner, just ask them to make a little extra, and you can use the rest for you Burrito Bowl!


  • -mix cooked rice with some salsa
  • -add your favourite topping!
  • I added some grated cheese, avocado, lettuce and tomatoes.

Sandwiches are always easy to prepare. I switched it up a little bit, and did some wraps.

I used Spinach Wraps with some of my organic beet ketchup, turkey, cheese, spinach and crispy fried onions.

There are these awesome Food Cozy reusable wraps at Delish, that have velcro on them, making it so easy to wrap and pack your wraps or sandwiches.

IMG_1340 IMG_1342

I also showed Pulled Pork Sliders as part of my segment. These are really simple for kids to prepare, and you can take the pulled pork to school in a thermos, and then assemble your sliders right at lunch time so that they are still hot!

I had my buns (with cheese on them) in a separate little stainless steel container. That way they don't get soggy before it's time to eat!

I also had some coleslaw in another little container, and I add all of the pork and toppings at lunch time.

Easy Pulled Pork Sliders:

-Place your pork tenderloin in  a slow cooker

-Add one chopped onion

-One Cup of BBQ Sauce (0r more)

-Spices that you like

-Cook on LOW for 7+ hours

I cooked my pork overnight, and it was ready as pulled pork when I woke up in the morning. I just had to add it to the thermos.



I also made some infused water to take to my segment. Infused water is a good alternative to taking juice to school, but not as boring as plain water.

We didn't get a chance to talk about it on the show, but here's what I did:

Cucumber/Mint/Lemon Infused Water:

-Cut up some thinly sliced cucumber

-3-4 mint leaves

-1-2 thin slices of Lemon

Add it all to a water bottle (I used a mason jar with a Re-Cap Lid) and refrigerate overnight.

IMG_1333 IMG_1334

You can watch my CBC Our Vancouver Segment: