This is the World's Most Expensive Donut!! $$$$


Recently, Dum Dum Donutterie  unleashed their newest doughnut. They call it the "Luxury Zebra Cro". A "Cro"nut is a hybrid of a Crossant and a Donut.






It is made up of:

  • Saffron infused butter dough,
  • Normandy Butter: which is made using fermented/cultured milk, and considered highly rich and flavourful by the french.
  • Cristal rosé champagne caviar, Made of Cristal rosé champagne, Created in 1974 by Jean-Claude Rouzaud, 100 years after the creation of Cristal.  It is 55% Pinot noir and 45% Chardonnay, and it is aged for about six years in Louis Roederer’s cellars.
  • Rare Amedei Porcelana chocolate, which goes for €13.80 per bar on their website.
  • Tahitian gold vanilla, which only cultivates the finest quality, certified organic an d Kosher Beans from places around the world, including:  Tahiti, Madagascar, India, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and Uganda.

and of course:

  • Gold Leaf. Which makes sense, after all you would be paying a whopping $2000USD/ donut!

No word on how it tastes yet.

(photo: John Phillips/Getty Images)