So a few weeks ago I was listening to CBC Metro Morning. Every Thursday Matt Galloway talks with Suresh Doss about his fav food find of the week. Usually it's in some remote strip mall or small plaza. A place that you likley wouldn't normally go.

Such a good thing that he discovered Malay Thai. It's in the corner of a small food court in a Markham Mall that is off-set from the road and you barely notice when you drive by.

I had to go there three times before I managed to get a bowl of the Laksa!!

The first time, was early evening. Oviously everyone else had heard the Suresh talk about it on the radio too, because the people in line in front of me (like me) didn't look like food court regulars...They were sold out that day. The second time I went back they were again sold out. The CBC feature was really good for business.

Finally the third visit was the charm! LAKSA


This was my fist time trying it. 

It's made with vermicelli and egg noodles, which are bathed in a stock mixed with a spice paste. The spice paste gives the soup its heat and umami flavours and its bright orange colour. The soup is then topped with fish cake, tofu, sprouts and additional spices.

So delicious you could almost lick the bowl after. They have several other things on the menu that are worth a taste, including this other noodle soup (but I can't remember what it was called)!