What's in My Lunch?

For lunch I prefer to take warm food to school.  I take my lunch to school every day in a tiffin.  Tiffins are stainless-steel lunch boxes that are mostly used for lunches in India. They come in usually 2 or 3 levels. Mine has two, which stack together, and are latched together with the handle.


Today for lunch, I choose to bring something delicious. I picked one of the Vij's at Home Curry Meals. They are a line of frozen meals that you just have to heat up at home. You can make them by boiling the whole bag from frozen in water. Or we left the bag in the fridge over-night to thaw. Then my mom just heated it up in a sauce pan in the morning.  Vij's at Home are take-and prepare at home meals from Vancouver Chef Vikram Vij.

Our boutique curries have no artificial colours, preservatives and flavours added and the meats we use for our dishes are raised without antibiotics and hormones.


I choose the Caramelized Onion and Ginger Lamb Curry. It was DEVINE!!   There are 15 different meals to choose from!

I had my curry with Saffron Rice. But you could eat it with potatoes, naan, rice, or in a wrap!
In my other Tiffin I had Organic Red Peppers and Organic Cherries for a side!!
What did you have for Lunch!! Let me know on TWITTER: @LittleLocavore