The Juice Truck


Have you heard about The Juice Truck? The Juice Truck is run by Zach Berman, and Ryan Slater.  I recently had a chance to go visit with them and learn how to make juice.

Ryan met with me and told me all about the Juice Truck.


A few years ago Zach and Ryan went to Asia with some friends to travel.   When they were in India, and on a Hymalain trek they noticed that there were a bunch of little fresh juice stands everywhere.  The people were drinking a juice made out of Sea Buck Thorn Berries.  Ryan told me that they were very SOUR!



Ryan and Zach tried to stop at every juice stand that they came across, and try all of the different types of juices.  They thought it was such a great idea, so when they came back to Vancouver, they noticed that there was a gap in the market, and so the idea for the Juice Truck happened!

The juices that The Juice Truck makes are COLD PRESSED.  That means that they crush the fruit first then the second step is putting it in a small cloth bag, and pressing out all of the juice.   Because not very much heat is used, the nutrients in the fruit stay in the juice, which is very good for YOU!

Here is me making some (Kale, Apple & Lemon)

First: The clean all of the fruits and veg in a large bin of water mixed with a special cleaner.

Then, here I am chopping up the apples.


This is the smaller cold pressed juicing machine that they use on the Juice Truck.  When you order, your juice is made especially for you, very fresh!!
I added my Kale and Apples and Lemon & Ginger to the crushing side. They come out all crushed up into the bag. Then you move the bag over to the pressing side where the juicer puts pressure on the bag and the juice comes out.
As much as possible The Juice Truck uses LOCAL & Organic Fruits & Veg!
Then you strain the juice to make sure that all the little bits are out.
Here is what is left in the bag. It is a small patty of pure fruit fibre.  I tasted it. It tasted slightly like lemon.
The juice was so delicious! Kids would like it even thought it is green, because the apples and lemon and ginger make it taste so delicious!
This is the BIG GUNS of juicers. They use it in the shop to make lots of juice all at once. It kind of looks like a cannon!
Thank you Zach & Ryan for teaching me about how to make your juices!
photo: the juice truck
You can get your very own juice from them every Sunday at the Food Cart Festival. Or during the week they are usually parked at Abbott and Water Streets in Gastown.