Umami Shop: Southern Alberta Food Adventure- YQL (Part 1)


I recently visited Umami Shop Canada, which is located in Lethbridge Alberta. I was so surprised to see how cool it was. When I lived in Lethbridge, it used to be a Skateboard shop, where I used to go skate ! IMG_4633 umami-7

Umami was opened just one year ago by Patricia and her partner Sven.  Patricia was born and raised in Lethbridge and her parents own an Asian grocery store on the Northside.   She moved to Germany, where she lived for several years and met Sven.  Sven is born and raised in Germany, he is the head of logistics and operations, and he does all the ordering. It was a big risk to come to Canada, and open Umami Shop, but also a big opportunity!

Patricia and Sven moved to Lethbridge, and wanted to open a  grocery that people would love, with  a  kitchen to teach cooking lessons, and a store that had more to offer than other stores in Lethbridge. The prototype for Umami Shop is in France.  It is about ten times smaller and has a lot more European products.



Umami Shop Canada has many more Asian products like Japanese, Korean and Indian, to cater to the growing demand for these type of foods in Lethbridge.  There is also a good selection of German and  Italian and French products.

Matcha KitKat

At Umami they have cooking classes with fully trained chefs and a very beautiful kitchen.  I was lucky to be able to have a one-on-one cooking class with Chef Mi-Ran Shin. Chef Mi-Ran is from Korea, so she taught me how to make a traditional Korean Bi-bim-bap (rice & veg bowl).




Check back tomorrow when I show you what Chef Mi Ran taught me!!


Photo Credits: Jonathan Ruzek (