Umami Part 2

When I visited Umami Shop Canada Chef Mi-Ran taught me how to make a traditional Korean dish called BiBimBap. Bibimbap in Korean literally means mixed rice, usually served in a stone bowl the rice is topped with mixed vegetables, a raw egg and sliced meat (usually beef) then mixed up while the dish is still hot.



Bibimbap is usually served on steamed white rice, for this dish we used a mix of sort grain and wild rice.

umami-18 For the vegetables in the dish we used a mix of carrots, cabbage, mushrooms and  cucumbers.

We also used  beef.umami-6



We arranged  all the vegetables and the beef in separate sections on top of the rice in the bowl. A chopstick full of each. umami-11


Once your done you separate the yolk from 1 egg, and place it into the middle of the dish.umami-14



Traditionally the egg is mixed in raw and the heat would cook it, but since we had a stone bowl

we heated the bowl over a gas burner, which cooked it slightly.umami-16 umami-17

And that is how you make an Umami Bibimbap