The Tiffin Project

These are my tiffns. For the past couple of years I have been taking my lunch to school in these! 
They are great because the are reusable, so I have a litter-less lunch!
I recently on Twitter, discovered something called THE TIFFIN PROJECT, and I was really interested to see what it was about.
I was lucky enough to be able to have lunch with the founder of the project, Hunter Moyes.  We met at Nuba, and I learned all about what the Tiffin Project is about.
The TP was started to help reduce waste in Vancouver, with the help of the local food community.  Vancouver is aiming to be the Greenest City in Canada by 2020.
Being a chef and an environmentalist, Hunter realized that there was a lot of waste happening with all of the disposable take-out containers that were being used in the restaurant industry.
25,000 TONNES of waste every year in Vancouver, is directly from take-out packaging!
He saw a way for restaurants to be able to have way less needless-waste, and so started planning his project.
Hunter first started planning for the TP in 2009, it was officially launched in 2012.  It took him almost two whole years to decide where the containers would be manufactured. He wanted to make sure that the conditions of the factory in which they were made were good for the workers, and as well that the environmental conditions in which they were made were good.
Vancity helped Hunter with the original money to start the project.
Hunter works with a small team of great people who help him make the project work
The graphic above, shows how the project works.  There are several restaurant in Vancouver that participate in the project right now:
  • Nuba
  • The Noodlebox
  • Edible Canada
  • Curry 2You (on of my favs on Granville Island)
  • Tacofino
  • Harvest Union
  • Chau VeggieExpress
Hunter is working on getting more Restaurant partner for the project soon!
The tiffins come in two sizes. The larger tiffin has a removable divider, so you can have 3 different food options in one container.
photos: Vanessa Prescott
Not only are the Tiffins a great idea for reducing waste. Part of the proceeds from the purchase of a tiffin, goes towards the restaurants purchase of LOCAL Ingredients!
This is great, because local and organic produce can be a bit expensive. But the money from the tiffins will help the restaurants buy more local ingredients, and help those local famers.
When you bring in your tiffins to the participating restaurants, you get a discount on your meal!
So it's WIN -WIN -WIN -WIN!!
Hunter is one of the nicest people that I have met lately. He is very excited about the project, and so am I now!!
I really think it is a great idea!
You should check out the TIFFIN PROJECT website. Go get a tiffin, and the visit one of the restaurants above!!