The Smokehouse


Today I was lucky to get a private Sneak Peek at a new restaurant that is opening in Lethbridge, called The Smokehouse BBQ & BAR.


I met an talked to Cathy Wilson, who is one of the owners and her husband Michael Wilson who is the chef and Chris Theiss one of the other owners. They were all so nice.

So before I went, I made a list of questions that I wanted to ask:

What is a Smokehouse? Smokehouse style of cooking is true Southern BBQ. The meats (are local) and rubbed with homemade rubs, and then cooked for 12-14 hours in a wood (pellet) burning smoker.

I even got to go into the kitchen with Chef Michael to see the SMOKER. It is a huge metal box, that can hold and smoke 500 pounds of meat at time!



Is the meat Local? Yes! All of the meat used at the Smokehouse is local to Alberta!

They even have a mostly Gluten-Fee Menu! There are only 5 things on the menu that contain gluten.

Where is your Inspiration From? Chef Michael said that he first tried Smoked meet in Kalispell. The inspiration for this kind of cooking comes from the Southern United States.

What is your Speciality? "EVERYTHING ON THE MENU. You can't get anything on our menu, anywhere else!"

About Chef Michael: He has been cooking professionally for 19 years. He first stated to try cooking when he was a child. He was given a cookbook from his grandparents when he was 6 years old. He has experience in all sorts of restaurants, from fine-dining all the way down to pubs.  He wanted to open a place of his own, and share good down to earth home cooked food with the people of Lethbridge.

TASTING THE FOOD (my fav part)! Chef Michael's food is soooooooooooooooooo good, I practically was in a food coma when I was finished eating!


I sampled three of the DELICIOUS items from the AWESOME menu:

  • Smoked Chicken: Locally raised chickens, seasoned with the Smokehouse Signature Rub, and then, slow-cooked for 3-4 hours.
  • Beef Brisket: Seasoned with a Rub, and smoked with a secret blend, and then cooked for 14-18 hours.


  • Pulled Pork: Again rubbed in the Signature Spice Rub, and cooked for 12-14 hours.
There was a special BBQ sauce on the side. I ate all of it!!
I even sampled their delicious Peach Cobbler. Made from scratch. And it is only $3 on the menu!
There will also be a Gluten-Fee Cobbler option.
I had a really great time, and THANK YOU Cathy, Michael, and Chris for answering all of my questions!
For LOCAL Friends: The SMOKEHOUSE opens tomorrow (Friday, Mar 8th), go and visit!