Tasting Plates "Ultimate Desserts"

Back on April 14th, I went on a food tour called TASTING PLATES YVR.  It is run by
Richard Wolak, who writes the blog Vancouverfoodster.com.
The tour I went on was the Ultimate Desserts, which took us to 8 different places for tastings.
The first stop was Rocanini Coffee Roasters.  That is where everyone met up and got a stamp on their maps, which were kind of like passports and had a map on them with each of the different locations.
At Roacanini, we got to learn about the different coffee beans they offer, and how they roast it.
We also got to see the way they brew individual cups of coffee. The guy who was showing us around, reminded me of Kato the character from the movie the Green Hornet, with his special coffee machine and technique.
I normally don't drink coffee, but I sampled the Kenyan for the tasting. It was good.
The next stop for us was at Beta5 Chocolates!! This was my favourite stop of the tour!!   When I was there I sampled what I can only describe as a BALL OF HEAVENLINESS, sprinkled with angel dust, baked in god's oven, and sent down to earth in a diamond parachute.

It was actually a Salted Caramel Cream Puff. Like nothing you've ever had! You must go and try them!! It's a must, not a maybe, a must!!





Also very delicious from Beta5, was the Campfire in a Cup! It was:

  • Milk Chocolate Mousse
  • Chocolate Twigs
  • Toasted Vanilla Marshmallow
  • Smoked Milk Chocolate Rock


Almost next door to Beta5 is a place called The Pie Hole.  They make very yummy pies.

I sampled 3 of their pies. My most favourite was the Key Lime!!   The Pie Hole also makes savoury pies!!

I really want to go there, and have them teach me how to make the Butter Chicken Pot Pie!!


My other favourite stop was at Bella Gelateria! They use traditional Italian Gelato Making methods.

The flavours that were available for our sampling contained some alcohol! But they were kind enough to let me choose flavours of my choice!!

I choose Lemon Ricotta and Old Fashioned Chocolate!!  They were absolutely delicious! I would love to go back and try out some different ones!!

It was a really fun afternoon. And it was nice to meet some nice people who were also on the tour, and chat about food!  Thank you to Haley Wretham, who shared some of her photos from the afternoon with me!
The next Tasting Plates is coming up on June 19th. It is a food tour of a few restaurants and cafes in East Van! You can buy tickets HERE. It will be a fun evening!!