Sous Chef Visit

Last week I went to visit with Paddy the owner of the Sous Chef, a store where you can buy kitchen utensils.

During the visit at the Sous Chef, Paddy took me on a little tour around the shop, and showed  me some essential items for cooking.
First she showed me the knife cabinet, and the different types of knives.  The most useful knife that she showed me was called a Chef's Knife. The Chef's knife can be used to chop vegetables fruits and meats. A good Chef's knife, cost about $126.

Another essential tool for the  kitchen is a good pan to cook in.  A good pan should have a layer of copper or aluminum in between what goes on the stove and where the food goes. That layer conducts the heat better than pans without that would.

Next  we looked at Cutting Boards. It is better to have a wooden cutting board to not damage your knife. There are cutting boards made out of glass or marble which are easier to clean, but can damage your knife because they are too hard.  I found a line of cutting boards called EPICURIAN, they are made out of wood and have a coating that allows you to put them in the dishwasher for cleaning, and do not damage your knives! I purchased one while I was there!
All kitchens should also have a set of good measuring cups.
If you like cooking, you should definitely check out the Sous Chef for some awesome utensils.