In the kitchen at the Shangri-La Vancouver!


A couple of weeks ago, I visited with the Chef de Cuisine of the Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver: Scott Henderson.

I first met Chef Scott when I attended my first black-tie dinner for the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.  It was held at the Shangri-La back in November. I was the guest of Clement Lau.

I was so excited to be able to go back to visit with Chef Scott, and have him teach me how to make a dish!

Chef de Cuisine Scott Henderson

Chef Scott has been cooking for over 17 years. He is originally from the UK and trained under a few Michelin star chefs.  Chef Scott came to Vancouver in 2011 and worked at

The Wedgewood Hotel & Spa for a year before coming to the Shangri-La Hotel.  He oversees kitchen for the WHOLE hotel, including:  the catering, the events, Market Restaurant, the lounge, and in-room dining.


 Chef Scott and I made a Pad Thai.  This was exiting for me because I had never made Pad Thai, or even tried it before!


He showed me everything step by step.  Here we are deep frying the bean curd.


Here I was trying to broil/cook the egg. It was so hot in the kitchen, and it wasn't as easy as Chef Scott made it look!


The Pad Thai turned out amazing!! I will be attempting to make it at home soon, and posting the recipe that Chef Scott shared with me!


When we were finished cooking, we got to sit down at the Chef's Table in Market Restaurant where I had a chat with Chef Scott:

How often do the Menus at the Shangri-La Hotel Change?  The menus tend to change with the seasons, and what ingredients are available.

What is your favourite dish? Anything simple and well made.


It was great being able to sit down and enjoy the Pad Thai with Chef Scott!


Thank you to Chef Scott Henderson and the team at the Shangri-La Vancouver for having me in the kitchen!