Experience #3: Crazy Cakes


A few weeks ago, I went to my favourite Cupcake shop, called CRAZY CAKES!!

Crazy Cakes in a historic building in Lethbridge Alberta. It was called Spudnuts before, and they still have the neon sign up outside! They even still make the Spud Nuts with the original baker/owner Otto on Thursdays!! Those days are soooo busy there, that they have to start baking them at 3 AM!! Spud Nuts are delicious donuts made from potato flour.
Crazy Cakes specilizes in cupcakes and amazing cakes!! They look beautiful and they taste even better!! Here was a cake that they made me for my bowling party when I turned 6!!
I visited one afternoon, and Roberta (the main manager/awesome baker), showed me around. Because they are so busy they keep track of their cake orders on a big white board!
While I was there I learned about working in a cake shop. I got to help serve the customers:
I cleaned some tables:
And then!! I got to learn how to decorate a cake!  First I had to decide what I was going to put on my cake! I choose 80s TV show cars for my cake. KIT from KnightRider, and the A-Team Van!! I googled what they looked like, and then I stated to make them out of Fondant. Fondant is a thick icing that kind of feels like stale bubble gum. You can mold and shape it into any shape you want, and it is edible!  To make the black for my cars, we had to use food dye.
Ainsley works at Crazy Cakes. She is only 17, but is really good at decorating cakes!! She helped me with my cake.
After I was finished. I EVEN got to wash up!! A very important park of the whole Experience!!
Thank you so much, to Roberta, Ainsley, Denise and the ladies of Crazy Cakes for letting me come and learn some Crazy Cake Skills!!