Get Kids Excited About Cooking!

Getting kids excited about food and being involved in the kitchen can help take the mealtime stress off parents; and, teach kids valuable life skills at the same time. 

I know this because I started cooking when I was 10!  Thankfully, my parents supported my requests to buy certain ingredients and try out recipes, even though sometime some of the combinations I put together probably seemed pretty weird! 

That's why it's important to me to get families into the kitchen, and bring them closer to food; specially during the back to school season, a time of year when we all need to get back on track with convenient & tasty dinner options.


Parents need to get their kids into the kitchen, and involved in meal prep. 

Make it fun for kids with games like Market Bingo, and have fun quizzing each other about what's in-season, while focusing on buying locally.  This also may help you discover foods that you've never tried before!

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Include the whole family in the meal planning.   Choose your favourite recipes together, ones that everyone will enjoy, and that the kids can help prepare.

Better yet try my Chicken Katsu with Sesame Rice and Japanese-Spiced Slaw!

This recipe is now available to order from , for delivery the week of September 2nd.


This is a convenient and fun way to get kids cooking by following the step-by-step recipe card and combining the pre-portioned ingredients that are delivered right to your door.

Liam_RecipeCard (1).jpeg

Younger kids can easily get involved in making this recipe by crushing the potato chips for the breading with a rolling pin or using their hands.  Also they can put together the salad ingredients, and making the dressing!

Parents should also focus on getting their kids in the kitchen not just for some extra hands, but so that kids can fall in love with food and cooking.  Through food, kids will also learn some valuable life skills: like teamwork, organizing and time-management.

Check out this video that I made, that has some tips on how to get kids excited about helping in the kitchen:

Spring is Maple Syrup Season


Spring is Maple Syrup Season in Canada! I had a chance to visit Horton Tree Farms to see how it is made: (Video Coming)...


Here are links to some awesome Recipes using Maple Syrup from my favourite Bon Appetit Magazine:




August is National Peach Month!


August is National Peach Month, and peaches are in season in most parts of Canada, so it's the best time to eat them! I have been making crisps with apples and pears.  So I decided to make one with Peaches this month!

Crisps are pretty simple to prepare, and they are great for desserts or breakfasts or snacks!

Pre-Heat your oven to 350:

First Start by washing and slicing up 5-6 peaches,


In a medium sized bowl add:

Your chopped peaches

-1/4 C flour

-1/3 C light brown sugar

-1 tsp vanilla


Mix it all up until it thickens.


Grease a 8" baking dish with coconut oil and add your peach mixture:


In another bowl mix up your crumble topping:

  • 3/4 C light brown sugar
  • 2/3 C flour
  • 2/3 C rolled oats
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 3 1/4 tbsp coconut oil


Sprinkle your crumble on top of the peach filling, and bake for 45-50 mins.




I served mine with whipped coconut cream on top, but it would also be amazing withmy friend's Screamin Brothers Vanilla frozen treat!!









Bien dans son assiette: CBC Radio-Canada


Janvier et Février sont les mois où la liste des fruits et légumes "de saison" est très peu (à cause de la météo). Nous avons de la chance ici en Colombie-Britannique que nous pouvons aller aux Marchés Fermiers toute l'année!

Evelyne Charuest de Bien dans son asiette à Radio-Canada, est venu avec moi sur un de mes visites hebdomadaires au marché fermier local.

Voici la petite liste de ce qui est est la saison, mais vous pouvez encore trouver beaucoup de légumes qui ont été récoltées plus tôt dans la saison et stockées, ainsi que certains produits en conserve, et des patisseries fraîchement cuits!!

January and February are months where the list of "in-season" fruits and vegetables is very small (because of the weather).

We're lucky here in BC that we can go to Farmer's Markets all year round! I had Evelyne Charuest from Bien dans son asiette on Radio-Canada, come along with me on one of my weekly visits to my local Farmer's Market.

Here's the small list of what is is season, but you can still find many fruits and vegetables that have been harvested earlier in the season and stored, as well as canned goods, and freshly baked treats!!




Nous avons pris un promenade autour du marché et ont a parlé aux fournisseurs.

J'ai aussi ramassé quelques choses que je devais faire un délicieux Soupe à la Courge Butternut rôti!

Evelyne and I waked around the market and talked to vendors. I also picked up some things that I needed to make a delicious Roasted Butternut Squash Soup!







Vous pouvez écouter notre conversation ici:

You can listen to our chat here: Le marché d'hiver extérieur de Vancouver : Un reportage d'Evelyne Charuest

Merci beaucoup à Radio-Canada pour que j'ai la chance de partager mes aventures sur le marché avec des gens de partout au Canada!

Thanks so much to CBC Raido-Canada for the chance to share my market adventures with people all across Canada!



Things I cooked last week...



Sharing a few links to recipes that I made last week:

First, Buddha Bowls by my favourite Vegan Food Bloggers Lauren & John @Hot For Food Blog!

I made the bowls last Monday, for #meatlessmonday dinner, and we liked it so much that I made it again on Friday for dinner.  I made a couple of slight changes:  I steamed the veggies slightly instead of serving them raw, and I added a little bit of garlic to the Creamy Miso Tahini Dressing. Also I had run out of Garam Masala, so I used a curry power instead to roast my Chickpeas.  Seriously so good!


Second: Sweet Korean Paleo Chicken Thighs by The Endless Meal.

This recipe is pretty simple.  Its easy to get it all prepped the night before and let the chicken marinate in the fridge over-night.  I made this one twice last week, and the second time I had run out of honey, so I substituted it with Maple Syrup, and it was still so delicious! If you don't have GOCHUJANG, go get some now!


Third: Breakfast Apple Granola Crisp by Smitten Kitchen.

This recipe is one of my favourites! I ve made it many times! Sometimes I change up the fruit that I use, depending on what is in-season. Apples and Pears are in-season in January they are good to use.  This one is good for breakfast or as a snack or as dessert.  I made some whipped cream and served it with some local jam that I got from the farmer's market.


What's In Season in September in BC?


IMG_1301 September is another month that has a great long list of Fruits & Vegetables that are


I visited my Local Farmer's Market this past Saturday to stock-up!! You should too!


So the great thing about visiting Farmer's Markets, is that you actually get to talk directly to the farmers or people who work on the farms.

You also get to check out some different & interesting varieties of fruits and vegetables that you don't always find in your grocery store!

Like this awesome PURPLE Cauliflower!IMG_1278IN Season Sept_1


Carrots and Onions are in-seson in September!

Add some chopped Celery and you have yourself a Mirepoix.

Great base/starter for soups and stews which are great in the fall.IMG_1265

Love, love fresh apples! So glad they are back in season.IMG_1275


These cute little ones are perfect for taking to school in your lunch bag.

Oh, and some PUPRLE potatoes too.

They actually STAY PURPLE once you cook them!

I made a shepherd's pie with them today.IMG_1279


In Season_ Sept 2

IMG_1285Peppers & Pumpkins are great for soups.IMG_1273

Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to share some recipes that I really like, with some of the things that are In-Season in September.