Spring is Maple Syrup Season


Spring is Maple Syrup Season in Canada! I had a chance to visit Horton Tree Farms to see how it is made: (Video Coming)...


Here are links to some awesome Recipes using Maple Syrup from my favourite Bon Appetit Magazine:




2014 Highlights- Part 1


A huge HIGH FIVE and thanks to all of the amazing food people who made the past year so awesome! 2014 Collage_3

Top L-R: With Jackie Kai Ellis (Beaucoup Bakery), Clair Sears (Eat Vancouver!) & Ashley Watson (Brown Paper Packages Ice Cream)

Bottom L-R: With Chef Rob Feenie & Chef Vikram Vij

2014 Collage_5

Top L-R: With Chef Trevor Bird (Fable Kitchen), Chef Eric Arrouzé (911ChefEric.com)

Bottom L-R: Coach Darcy Feenie, Melissa (Nice Pops)

2014 Collage_20

Top L-R: Hunter J. Moyes (The Tiffin Project), Friend Jackie

Bottom  L-R: Stéphane Mouttet (Shangri-La Hotel), Chris Flak (CTV Vancouver), Audrey (Living Lotus)

2014 Collage_16

Top L: Ryan Squire (Lighthouse Japanese Restaurant)

Bottom L-R: Oolo Teas, The Daddy Blogger

2014 Collage_21

Top L: Bounty Hunter Vancouver & Vancouver Pie Hole

Bottom L-R: Friend, Carson, Richard Wolak

2014 Collage_13

Top L: Taser Grilled Cheese, Paddy from Sous Chef (Lethbridge)

Bottom L-R: Roberta from Crazy Cakes (Lethbridge), The dudes from Brasserie Kensington (Calgary)

2014 Collage_14


Top L: CRU Juice (Calgary), Market (Calgary)

2014 Collage_11

Top & Bottom : Chef Nicole Gomes, Top Chef Canada, Knifewear (Calgary)

T-Shirt by: Food On Your Shirt

2014 Collage_8 2014 Collage_1

Top L: Jay from Flip Top Truck, Chef Ned Bell (Four Seasons, Vancouver)

Bottom L-R: Meal Share, Screaming Brothers

2014 Collage_15

Top L-R: Friend Carla, Johnny Pops

Bottom L-R: @Pizza Fabrika, Knifewear (Calgary)


2014 Collage_12

All the vendors and Staff at Vancouver Farmer's Markets!!

2014 Collage_10 2014 Collage_9


Top L-R: Friend Tiara, Geoff Rogers: Top Chef Canada

Bottom L-R: Hunter Moyes:The Tiffin Project, Shawna (Whole Foods Cambie)

2014 Collage_17

Top L-R: BC Potato Farm, Melissa & Ethan (Food Bloggers of Canada)

Bottom L-R: Ryan (The Juice Truck), Kat (Dirty Apron)

2014 Collage_18

Top L-R:  Jackie Ellis (Beaucoup Bakery), Chef Vikram Vij

Bottom L-R: Caren (Gourmet Warehouse), Jackie Ellis

2014 Collage_19

Top L-R: Vancouver Mayor, Gregor Robertson, Joel & Friend @Hawker's Market

Bottom L-R: Creme Brûlée (aka Johnny Pops), Viranlly (The Social Life)

2014 Collage_6

Top L-R: Rachel Parent (Kids Right To Know) , Adrian (The Food Gays)

Bottom L-R: Maya & Ashley (Pazzo Chow & Brown Paper Packages), Michael (Re-Up BBQ)


2014 Collage_7

Top: Hunter Moyes & Mumbai Dabbawalas

Bottom: Alison & Shelome & Sous Chefs @ Chicha

2014 Collage_4

Top L-R: Dulciene, Sail On Food Truck & Chris (Hawkers Market) @Eat Vancouver!

Bottom L-R: Screaming Brothers, Patty (Whole Nourishment)

2014 Collage_2


Top L-R: Jeremy (The Food Gays), Janell (Vancouver Pie Hole)

Bottom L-R: Chef David Robertson (The Dirty Apron), Miriam Laroche (Vancouver Eco-Fashoin Week)

What's in Season in BC in August?

Welcome back to What's in Season in BC!  August has a very big list of fruits, vegetables and herbs. I went to the Vancouver Farmers Market (Trout Lake)  to see what I could find. InSeasonAug_Apples_Onions

There  were some beautiful green and purple beans.


Even some purple potatoes!


And purple plums.


And look, the list goes on:

in season peaches to turnips aug

I met Milan (aka Tomato Man) he's a tomato farmer (Stoney Paradise Certified Organic); and from what I saw, he's got the biggest tomatoes at the market:



This season is also very colourful, with the radish,

a mix of summer squash, beautiful swiss char, and some lovely carrots.



IMG_5439 IMG_5437

I was also visiting Alberta this month so stay tuned for...

What's in season in Alberta in August!

What's In Season in JUNE in BC?


Welcome to What's in Season in JUNE in BC.

Here is a list of the delicious seasonal produce available in June.

Several of the items on the list were also in season in April & May as well.


The Vancouver Farmer's Markets are a great place to find very LOCAL and fresh produce


I found Rosemary, Cilantro, Sage & Mint from Soul Food Street Farms. They are very local as they:

 Transforms vacant urban land into street farms that grow artisan quality fruits and vegetables, available at farmer’s markets, local restaurants and retail outlets.


I also found some Thyme, Sage & Oregano, all in season in BC in June!


These delicious Strawberries are from Abbotsford! I am going to go pick my own soon!


Some potatoes!


Some lettuce!


So visit one of your local Farmer's Markets and pick up some great local in-seaon produce!


Black Betty


I watched a movie called Food Inc.   It was one of my inspirations to be more into finding out where my food comes from, and to try to eat local foods. Do you know the name of the chicken that your eggs come from? I do.


This is Black Betty, she lives on Such a Garden, which is a local organic farm not too far from where I live.  She lives in a chicken coop with 30 of her other chicken friends. They have a HUGE yard to roam around. They eat grain and organic fruit scraps. They are even lucky to get baked whole wheat pie crust just for them!


They have a good life.