Happy 2017: YouTube!



Happy New Year!

I am finally going to work on some videos to add content to my YouTube Channel! I really enjoy sharing my experiences with you, and I think that video blogging is the next step for me!!

I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel:


I am planning to post new cooking/food videos every week starting in February!


Giving Tuesday Spotlight: FeedFive


I included the FeedFive T-Shirt in my Little Locavore's List of Holiday Gifts for Foodies to Wear.  Because it's Giving Tuesday, I wanted to tell you a little more about what you GIVE when you buy one of those shirts! dark-tshirt-sizing-3-0

Recently I went to volunteer at Feedfive. Feedfive is a non-profit organization that gets people together monthly to cook a meal that will feed the less fortunate at the Ray of Hope community centre.

It started out as a group of friends getting together to help cook a meal, but they soon realized that pooling their own money to pay for ingredients wasn't sustainable, so they needed to come up with a product to help raise money.

They wanted to be transparent, so that the person buying the product would know exactly where their money was going, and after some brainstorming and calculations, they figured that the money from one t-shirt was enough to pay for five full meals!  Hence the name: Feedfive.

This may seem unreal, but they actually do raise ALL the funds from selling only t-shirts and tank tops. Soon you'll also be able to buy hoodies and aprons as well!

Once they raise enough money to buy ingredients, they have to think about what they are going to buy, and it all comes down to these four things: what's on sale, what's affordable, what's popular, and what's doable.  Things like pastas with salads are often on the menu.

Once they've costed everything out, and sourced all the ingredients, they need people to cook and serve it.

FeedFive relies entirely on volunteers to do all the cooking, washing up, and serving of the food.  Since all the cooking takes place in the prep kitchen at the University of Waterloo, it was assumed that most of the volunteers would be students, but it turns out that the bulk of the volunteers come from people aged 35 to 60.


I was the youngest volunteer the night that I went to help cook, but everyone was friendly and I got to meet some really great people.

I was in charge of the béchamel sauce. This was the first time I've had to make sauce for 300!




Feedfive is always in need of more volunteers, thats where you can help, if you're interested in cooking a meal, serving a meal, and being part of a good cause, than check out their website for details and how to sign up.  Or just buy one of their cool t-shirt, it literally does feed five!


This is me with FeedFive founder Danny Aguizi and his mom who came from Egypt to volunteer!


Highlights from DinnerPartyYVR 2016


My fourth time participating in DinnerPartyYVR was awesome! All of the dinners together raised over $23K for charity! Thank you to everyone who helped me with my dinner, and helped to raise funds for the charity that I support: Quest Food Exchange-Giving Page! <-----You can still donate to my fundraising efforts!



IMG_20160409_204946920Andres my Sous Chef for the evening



Thanks to Nick for teaching a new and amazing way to make the most delicious croutons!



The Yemenite Spice mix that I made, and coated my butternut squash with before roasting it, and then pureeing into the soup.


The Pork Tenderloins were rubbed with a marinade of Porcini Mushroom powder, brown sugar, chili flakes and olive oil. I let them sit in the marinade for just over 24 hours before we grilled them.

IMG_20160408_155919115 IMG_20160409_204800538


The Dry Sodas that I served with dinner were a hit!

For dessert I did my vanilla bean panna cotta. Thanks so much to Zwilling Canada for the really nice Sorrento Double Walled glass tea cups that I used for my dessert! They were the perfect size!


Dinner Party YVR 2016


12400676_10153387270139779_9008594027135311494_n This Saturday (9 April 2016) I will be participating Dinner Party YVR, for my fourth time! I'm really grateful that I have had the chance over the past couple of years to meet such a fun food community and be able to give-back by doing something that I love: COOKING!


People sign up to participate and to cook dinners in their homes. All the money from the tickets sold, goes to the charity of the Hobby Chef's choice.

The #DPYVR organizers Annika & Crystal do a great job in bring people together for this awesome event!



The charity I support is Quest Food Exchange.


Quest partners with local wholesalers, supermarkets, and farmers who donate surplus food.  Quest assists individuals each month through partnerships with local social service agencies by providing their clients with access to Quest's not-for-profit grocery markets and by delivering raw food materials to agencies for their own meal programs.

They have four grocery markets where clients that are referred (through their social services agency), can go to shop.



The Quest Mandate is to:

  • Reduce Hunger with Dignity
  • Build Community
  • Foster Sustainability

I think that what they are doing is really great, because it allows people to shop for groceries of their choice, at an affordable price,  and it redirects food that may have gone to waste otherwise.



On my visit, I met with Calvin, who gave me a tour of the facility. They have a really big warehouse where they are able to store all of the surplus foods that are donated to them, and they have a new walk-in freezer now, which is so important to them, because they can now have accept more frozen items.


If you're looking for a good cause to either donate or volunteer with. I would highly suggest that you contact Quest. What they are doing is so good.



My DinnerPartyYVR dinner is SOLD OUT, but you can still make a donation to my fundraising for Quest Food Exchange: Liam's Dinner Party YVR Chimp Donation Page

All support is very much appreciated!


Get Local Dinner


I am really excited that Whole Foods will be hosting their first ever GET LOCAL DINNER, and asked me to participate! I partnered up with my friend Chef Ned Bell, who is the executive chef at the Four Seasons.  The dinner will be next Tuesday, Sept 1st, from 6:30-9pm in the Allegro Café at Whole Foods Market Cambie!

This is a private ticketed 4 course meal with wine pairings!

It is so great because 100% of the ticket sales are going to benefit Chefs for Oceans, which focuses on educating chefs about sustainable seafood practices, and Growing Chefs which brings growing vegetables into the classrooms to get kids excited about cooking & eating veggies!

You can get your tickets now at Customer Service (Whole Foods Market-Cambie). $75



Local Cooking Class @Whole Foods!


I am super excited that I was invited by Whole Foods Market to teach my first cooking class! My class is for kids/teens like me ages 12-16, and I am going to focus on using LOCAL ingredients in the dishes that we are making!

The class is just $15 and all of the proceeds will go to the Whole Kids Foundation!

Details below:

little locavore tabloid-02-02

#dinnerpartyyvr 2015!!

So excited to be cooking for my third time for #DinnerPartyYVR!! E02ianR3_400x400

If you didn't know, DinnerPartyYVR is a great event where hobby chefs around Vancouver get to host dinner parties on one night, with all of the money from the dinners going to their chosen charities!

The first time I participated, I was a Sous Chef to Clement Lau, the second time, I hosted my own dinner, and this time I am excited to work with Chef Clement Chan from Le Tigre Truck & Top Chef Canada!!


Chef Clement and I are hosting the Cressy Group Dinner, and you could win tickets to our table!!

Select a #dinnerpartyYVR meal and make your donation by 6 pm on Wednesday, March 4, to automatically enter for a chance to be invited to this very special Cressey Dinner Party at the Meccanica Penthouse. Their meal will benefit the Quest Outreach Society.

Find a meal!One of the most decorated chefs in Vancouver, Clement Chan, along with 12-year old #dinnerpartyYVR veteran Liam Lewis, will host a dinner party for some special dinner guests. Diners will be treated to a gourmet meal in Cressey’s luxurious Meccanica Penthouse.

The Cressey Dinner Party will be a surprise for all dinner guests. What we can reveal though are some local and/or seasonal ingredients selected by grocery partner Whole Foods Market that will be featured in Clement & Liam’s meal:

  • Halibut and/or Lamb
  • Asparagus and/or Artichoke
  • Freekeh and/or Kamut

How to join the Cressey Dinner Party

  • Select a meal listed on the Meals Page located in Vancouver, and make your donation for the number of seats chosen. The chosen meal cannot be private or located in Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary in order to be entered into the draw.

  • With your ticket purchase, you (and any of your dinner companions) will automatically be entered to join the Cressey Dinner Party which takes place on the same evening as #dinnerpartyYVR.

  • A random draw on Wednesday, March 4 @ 6:01 pm will select 6 lucky dinner guests that will have the opportunity to attend the Cressey Dinner Party.

  • If you are selected, you have the choice of accepting the invitation to the Cressey Dinner Party or declining it in order to attend the meal you had originally chosen.

  • If you accept the invitation to the Cressey Dinner Party, your original meal seats will go back on sale and your donation will now benefit the charity chosen for the Cressey Dinner Party.



2014 Highlights- Part 1


A huge HIGH FIVE and thanks to all of the amazing food people who made the past year so awesome! 2014 Collage_3

Top L-R: With Jackie Kai Ellis (Beaucoup Bakery), Clair Sears (Eat Vancouver!) & Ashley Watson (Brown Paper Packages Ice Cream)

Bottom L-R: With Chef Rob Feenie & Chef Vikram Vij

2014 Collage_5

Top L-R: With Chef Trevor Bird (Fable Kitchen), Chef Eric Arrouzé (911ChefEric.com)

Bottom L-R: Coach Darcy Feenie, Melissa (Nice Pops)

2014 Collage_20

Top L-R: Hunter J. Moyes (The Tiffin Project), Friend Jackie

Bottom  L-R: Stéphane Mouttet (Shangri-La Hotel), Chris Flak (CTV Vancouver), Audrey (Living Lotus)

2014 Collage_16

Top L: Ryan Squire (Lighthouse Japanese Restaurant)

Bottom L-R: Oolo Teas, The Daddy Blogger

2014 Collage_21

Top L: Bounty Hunter Vancouver & Vancouver Pie Hole

Bottom L-R: Friend, Carson, Richard Wolak

2014 Collage_13

Top L: Taser Grilled Cheese, Paddy from Sous Chef (Lethbridge)

Bottom L-R: Roberta from Crazy Cakes (Lethbridge), The dudes from Brasserie Kensington (Calgary)

2014 Collage_14


Top L: CRU Juice (Calgary), Market (Calgary)

2014 Collage_11

Top & Bottom : Chef Nicole Gomes, Top Chef Canada, Knifewear (Calgary)

T-Shirt by: Food On Your Shirt

2014 Collage_8 2014 Collage_1

Top L: Jay from Flip Top Truck, Chef Ned Bell (Four Seasons, Vancouver)

Bottom L-R: Meal Share, Screaming Brothers

2014 Collage_15

Top L-R: Friend Carla, Johnny Pops

Bottom L-R: @Pizza Fabrika, Knifewear (Calgary)


2014 Collage_12

All the vendors and Staff at Vancouver Farmer's Markets!!

2014 Collage_10 2014 Collage_9


Top L-R: Friend Tiara, Geoff Rogers: Top Chef Canada

Bottom L-R: Hunter Moyes:The Tiffin Project, Shawna (Whole Foods Cambie)

2014 Collage_17

Top L-R: BC Potato Farm, Melissa & Ethan (Food Bloggers of Canada)

Bottom L-R: Ryan (The Juice Truck), Kat (Dirty Apron)

2014 Collage_18

Top L-R:  Jackie Ellis (Beaucoup Bakery), Chef Vikram Vij

Bottom L-R: Caren (Gourmet Warehouse), Jackie Ellis

2014 Collage_19

Top L-R: Vancouver Mayor, Gregor Robertson, Joel & Friend @Hawker's Market

Bottom L-R: Creme Brûlée (aka Johnny Pops), Viranlly (The Social Life)

2014 Collage_6

Top L-R: Rachel Parent (Kids Right To Know) , Adrian (The Food Gays)

Bottom L-R: Maya & Ashley (Pazzo Chow & Brown Paper Packages), Michael (Re-Up BBQ)


2014 Collage_7

Top: Hunter Moyes & Mumbai Dabbawalas

Bottom: Alison & Shelome & Sous Chefs @ Chicha

2014 Collage_4

Top L-R: Dulciene, Sail On Food Truck & Chris (Hawkers Market) @Eat Vancouver!

Bottom L-R: Screaming Brothers, Patty (Whole Nourishment)

2014 Collage_2


Top L-R: Jeremy (The Food Gays), Janell (Vancouver Pie Hole)

Bottom L-R: Chef David Robertson (The Dirty Apron), Miriam Laroche (Vancouver Eco-Fashoin Week)

Foodie Pen Pals REVEAL DAY!

In October I signed up for Foodie Pen Pals. It is something that was started by Lindsay from the Lean Green Bean Blog. I saw it on twitter.
I sent her my info, and she liked me up with a Foodie Pen Pal! On the 5th of October I got an email from my Foodie Pen Pal Ashleigh! She send me some questions, so that she could figure out what types of things I like to eat!
I sent her back the same list of questions. Just like me she LOVES spicy things!! She also just like me LOVES seaweed! So I what to buy her!
On the 15th of October, we both sent our boxes to each other! Here was me getting mine!!

Here is what Ashleigh sent me!!

1. SOMA: It's a local chocolate shop which is close to her house. She sent me their famous Mayan Hot Chocolate (it's spicy)!! & A Chocolate Candied Orange.

2. Sha Sha Coco Snaps: She grew up with them (SO DID I)!!

3. Chimes Ginger Chews: She saw that I loved ginger from my JUICE TRUCK BLOG POST.

4. Evelyn's Crackers: Ashleigh saw my Cheese & Cracker BLOG POST, and chose these.

5. Some Cheddar Onion Dip (I still have to make this), but I've already tried some of the crackers, soo good!



Thank you so much Ashleigh for my box of goodies! I'm signed up for a new Foodie Pen Pal for November!! Can't wait!

If you want to get a Foodie Pen Pal too: