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Happy New Year!

I am finally going to work on some videos to add content to my YouTube Channel! I really enjoy sharing my experiences with you, and I think that video blogging is the next step for me!!

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I am planning to post new cooking/food videos every week starting in February!


Apollo Food Trucks


A couple of months ago, I had the awesome opportunity to go and visit Apollo Food Trucks. If you live in Vancouver like I do, you probably have seen many of the trucks that they have made on the street or in the summer at Food Cart Fest. Some of my favourites are:




Apollo Food Trucks was started 15 years ago by Norm Kerfoot and his brother Glen. They had originally started with Hot dog carts and when saw the Food Truck market demand grow, they started building them.

They are named Apollo after a great dog that Norm once had.

The trucks usually start out as used moving/delivery trucks that are totally gutted and then custom built to suit the needs of each customer.



This is Rob, he showed me around the workshop and told me all about the trucks!


Here is one of their custom food carts being built.




Every part of the inside of each truck is custom! Everything is carefully measured and added in.



They use Checker Plate Aluminum on the floor, which looks really awesome and shiny, but also is non-slip.

They make sure that the trucks meet with the highest health & safety standards.


The customer decides what they want inside the truck, and then it's up to the team at Apollo to make sure everything fits perfectly.

IMG_8681 This sink was custom built just so that it would fit the

customers needs and the trucks size.IMG_8682 IMG_8683 IMG_8684



While I was visiting the ONE OF A Thai truck was getting ready to be sent off to the Northwest Territories.

Apollo ships carts and trucks all over the world! From places portland, and a few of their trucks have gone to Hawaii, Alaska, and as far away as Australia.

IMG_8688 IMG_8690 IMG_8691


Thank you to Rob for showing me around the factory, and a big thank you to Norm and Glen for providing Vancouver with all its awesome food trucks.


2014 Highlights- Part 1


A huge HIGH FIVE and thanks to all of the amazing food people who made the past year so awesome! 2014 Collage_3

Top L-R: With Jackie Kai Ellis (Beaucoup Bakery), Clair Sears (Eat Vancouver!) & Ashley Watson (Brown Paper Packages Ice Cream)

Bottom L-R: With Chef Rob Feenie & Chef Vikram Vij

2014 Collage_5

Top L-R: With Chef Trevor Bird (Fable Kitchen), Chef Eric Arrouzé (911ChefEric.com)

Bottom L-R: Coach Darcy Feenie, Melissa (Nice Pops)

2014 Collage_20

Top L-R: Hunter J. Moyes (The Tiffin Project), Friend Jackie

Bottom  L-R: Stéphane Mouttet (Shangri-La Hotel), Chris Flak (CTV Vancouver), Audrey (Living Lotus)

2014 Collage_16

Top L: Ryan Squire (Lighthouse Japanese Restaurant)

Bottom L-R: Oolo Teas, The Daddy Blogger

2014 Collage_21

Top L: Bounty Hunter Vancouver & Vancouver Pie Hole

Bottom L-R: Friend, Carson, Richard Wolak

2014 Collage_13

Top L: Taser Grilled Cheese, Paddy from Sous Chef (Lethbridge)

Bottom L-R: Roberta from Crazy Cakes (Lethbridge), The dudes from Brasserie Kensington (Calgary)

2014 Collage_14


Top L: CRU Juice (Calgary), Market (Calgary)

2014 Collage_11

Top & Bottom : Chef Nicole Gomes, Top Chef Canada, Knifewear (Calgary)

T-Shirt by: Food On Your Shirt

2014 Collage_8 2014 Collage_1

Top L: Jay from Flip Top Truck, Chef Ned Bell (Four Seasons, Vancouver)

Bottom L-R: Meal Share, Screaming Brothers

2014 Collage_15

Top L-R: Friend Carla, Johnny Pops

Bottom L-R: @Pizza Fabrika, Knifewear (Calgary)


2014 Collage_12

All the vendors and Staff at Vancouver Farmer's Markets!!

2014 Collage_10 2014 Collage_9


Top L-R: Friend Tiara, Geoff Rogers: Top Chef Canada

Bottom L-R: Hunter Moyes:The Tiffin Project, Shawna (Whole Foods Cambie)

2014 Collage_17

Top L-R: BC Potato Farm, Melissa & Ethan (Food Bloggers of Canada)

Bottom L-R: Ryan (The Juice Truck), Kat (Dirty Apron)

2014 Collage_18

Top L-R:  Jackie Ellis (Beaucoup Bakery), Chef Vikram Vij

Bottom L-R: Caren (Gourmet Warehouse), Jackie Ellis

2014 Collage_19

Top L-R: Vancouver Mayor, Gregor Robertson, Joel & Friend @Hawker's Market

Bottom L-R: Creme Brûlée (aka Johnny Pops), Viranlly (The Social Life)

2014 Collage_6

Top L-R: Rachel Parent (Kids Right To Know) , Adrian (The Food Gays)

Bottom L-R: Maya & Ashley (Pazzo Chow & Brown Paper Packages), Michael (Re-Up BBQ)


2014 Collage_7

Top: Hunter Moyes & Mumbai Dabbawalas

Bottom: Alison & Shelome & Sous Chefs @ Chicha

2014 Collage_4

Top L-R: Dulciene, Sail On Food Truck & Chris (Hawkers Market) @Eat Vancouver!

Bottom L-R: Screaming Brothers, Patty (Whole Nourishment)

2014 Collage_2


Top L-R: Jeremy (The Food Gays), Janell (Vancouver Pie Hole)

Bottom L-R: Chef David Robertson (The Dirty Apron), Miriam Laroche (Vancouver Eco-Fashoin Week)

The Juice Truck


Have you heard about The Juice Truck? The Juice Truck is run by Zach Berman, and Ryan Slater.  I recently had a chance to go visit with them and learn how to make juice.

Ryan met with me and told me all about the Juice Truck.


A few years ago Zach and Ryan went to Asia with some friends to travel.   When they were in India, and on a Hymalain trek they noticed that there were a bunch of little fresh juice stands everywhere.  The people were drinking a juice made out of Sea Buck Thorn Berries.  Ryan told me that they were very SOUR!


photo: sednantura.com

Ryan and Zach tried to stop at every juice stand that they came across, and try all of the different types of juices.  They thought it was such a great idea, so when they came back to Vancouver, they noticed that there was a gap in the market, and so the idea for the Juice Truck happened!

The juices that The Juice Truck makes are COLD PRESSED.  That means that they crush the fruit first then the second step is putting it in a small cloth bag, and pressing out all of the juice.   Because not very much heat is used, the nutrients in the fruit stay in the juice, which is very good for YOU!

Here is me making some (Kale, Apple & Lemon)

First: The clean all of the fruits and veg in a large bin of water mixed with a special cleaner.

Then, here I am chopping up the apples.


This is the smaller cold pressed juicing machine that they use on the Juice Truck.  When you order, your juice is made especially for you, very fresh!!
I added my Kale and Apples and Lemon & Ginger to the crushing side. They come out all crushed up into the bag. Then you move the bag over to the pressing side where the juicer puts pressure on the bag and the juice comes out.
As much as possible The Juice Truck uses LOCAL & Organic Fruits & Veg!
Then you strain the juice to make sure that all the little bits are out.
Here is what is left in the bag. It is a small patty of pure fruit fibre.  I tasted it. It tasted slightly like lemon.
The juice was so delicious! Kids would like it even thought it is green, because the apples and lemon and ginger make it taste so delicious!
This is the BIG GUNS of juicers. They use it in the shop to make lots of juice all at once. It kind of looks like a cannon!
Thank you Zach & Ryan for teaching me about how to make your juices!
photo: the juice truck
You can get your very own juice from them every Sunday at the Food Cart Festival. Or during the week they are usually parked at Abbott and Water Streets in Gastown.

Organic Burgers

Big Dogs Street Hots started out with just hot dogs and smokies from one location, but has now evolved to include burgers and now has four locations.
The burgers are local and organic beef, chicken, bison, and lamb.  All of the patties are hand pressed, never frozen, and grilled on order to perfection.
There are gluten free options for buns; potato & chick pea flour is what I had: DELICIOUS!
 I had the bison, jalapeño, and cheddar burger...with extra extra jalapeños.
The specialty was the cilantro lime mayo.  Excellently prepared.
The kitchen, a converted VW van, complete with bbq, fridge, sink, has a folding side-wall for a serving table and the roof extended up and out with an awning to protect from those rainy days.
Check out the menu!!
Where the engine was, is now the self-serve condiments and toppings station.  There is a vast selection of sauces and toppings available.
The all out burger experience was excellent.
It was eating comfort food out of the Mystery Machine.
Excellent customer service, friendly chef.
Sublime food.

Go Fish


Last week a new friend of mine suggested his favourite Fish & Chip place! It's called Go Fish, and it is run out of a old shipping container. They are right by the water, they support local fishermen, and all of the fish is responsibly harvested and sustainable!


I ordered the Tuna TACONE, which is filled with:

  • Seared Tuna
  • Cilantro-Spiked Salsa (omg sooooo good)
  • Chipolte Crema
  • And their special Slaw


It was so delicious, I am going to go back very soon to try the Fish & Chips!!

The HOLY Perogy


While we were at Olympic Village this weekend. There was a food truck parked outside the market.  It was called HOLY PEROGY! LOCAL INGREDIENTS + FRESHLY PREPARED= Delicious Gourmet Perogies


Food trucks are my new favourite thing.  I tried their perogies, and I instantly knew why they call themselves HOLY PEROGY. They were heavenly!

I had the Mexican, which had: beef, cheese, sour cream, and pico de gallo on it!! So yumm!


Check them out on Twitter, and if you are in Vancouver, you can find them usually at the Burrard Skytrain Station.